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Chase Excellence
VIRTUAL Think Tank

We are bringing some of the world's top experts in youth sports right to your computer. Their goal is to leverage science and professional practice to provide you with SOLUTIONS you can use immediately!

Best of all, it is all ONLINE! 


The Think Tank Launches ONLINE on March 20th ALL sessions available unto April 30th!

There is still time to see them all.









Get a Copy of the Master Syllabus

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65 experts, 24 sports, 6 vital components, 5 continents, 1 goal...

SOLUTIONS for youth sports.

This isn't your typical online summit or in-person conference. Join us for targeted discussions that deep dive into hard science to identify easily implemented change. Discover practical activities you can do immediately that are tied directly to cutting edge theory and practice. Learn from multiple sports, varying levels of play, experts in their fields, and pioneers from at least 4 continents with backgrounds across 6 key categories that are vital to success in youth sports.


Choose from SIX Learning Tracks!

The SIX tracks make up the entire youth sports environment and help you develop a "wholistic" approach to creating a Culture of Excellence. Great clubs, educators, and coaches Coach the Whole Person.

Coach the Sport

This track is all about the technical and tactical (hardware) skills required to be a transformational coach on the field.

Coach the Brain

In this track, our experts will share how we can write better "software" in our athletes' brains to lead to excellence.

Coach the Parent

This track is focused on engaging parents in more effective ways so they become collaborators in our culture.

Coach the Club

This track is focused on the Governance and Operations aspects of youth sports and how strong clubs start in the boardroom.

Coach the Coach

This track is focused on helping coaches create the best possible culture on their team, in their club and among their colleagues.

Coach the Person

This track is focused on the other aspects of youth sports from nutrition, to fun maps, to physical literacy and more for the WHOLE athlete.

Want a Sneak Peak at our Experts?

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Coach Reed Maltbie | Ruth Nicholson | Sam Snow | Gordon MacLelland


From Boardrooms to Benches

Choose from 60 professionally-designed, half-hour sessions available at your convenience that cover SIX key areas affecting the youth sports environment. Whether you're a board member, administrator, Executive Director, a coach, or parent volunteer, there will be a library's worth of knowledge in a concise and easy to understand format!

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Experts in Every Field

Learn from top professionals in sports, science, business, leadership, education and more from FOUR continents. Each expert brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Think Tank to offer you the very best training. We searched for specialists on the cutting edge to avoid the “same old, same old” lectures in favor of sparking real change from real authorities.

Get over 80 Sessions for $69 Now!


From Theory to Application

Gather ideas for change and local implementation at all levels of sport grounded in time-tested and research-supported theories. Our experts will distill the science into easily-adaptable methods fo you to implement immediately. These aren't stale lectures or complex theories with no applicability to your situation. We'll bridge the gap between theory and practice so you have actionable intelligence for creating success on your teaming within your club and community.

Get over 80 Sessions for $69 Now!

Our Syllabus has been endorsed by National Governing Bodies and Universities.


Designed for You to ACT

Our format is structured to help you develop a game plan for acting within your community. The sessions are intended to provide framework for implementation and actionable takeaways.You will also have a Think Tank workbook and Reflection Journal, each track will have follow-up Q and As and forum discussions, and there will be a Mastermind for sharing of best practices and accountability after the Think Tank tracks are complete. Less Talk and More Action!

See over 80 Sessions for only $69


Join us for a Virtual Think Tank like no other!

2019 is a year of action. It's time to stop talking about what's wrong or how we can fix things and start making real change. Our Think Tank will bring together some of the world's best minds in youth sports to provide scientifically-based, professionally-proven and easily implementable action items for making this change. We also baked in some interactive components and a follow-up debrief and workbook to ensure what you learn is applied and not just left on a shelf in your office. No lectures, no psuedoscience, no empty promises. It's time to ACT! Think Tank closes April 30th.

See over 80 sessions for only $69

#ThinkTank2019 Agenda

Here is a listing of Speakers by Day and Track. Once you sign up, the sessions will be available until April 30th.

#ThinkTank2019 Day


March 20th

Collaborate Gordon MacLelland
Compete Ken Martel
Compute Lara Mossman
Coordinate Peter Arch
Cultivate Bobby Howe
Correlate Jess Nash
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#ThinkTank2019 Day


March 21st

Collaborate Eira Parry
Compete Dr. Michael Warech
Compute Dr. Rob Bell
Coordinate Cynthia Lisa
Cultivate Dan Cottrell
Correlate Steven Horwitz
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#ThinkTank2019 Day


March 22nd

Collaborate Ian Goldberg
Compete Michael Clayton
Compute Dr. Amy Saltzman
Coordinate Deborah Swingley
Cultivate Lisa Cole
Correlate Dr. Joe Eisenmann
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#ThinkTank2019 Day


March 23rd

Collaborate Mark Milnes
Compete Mark Hesse
Compute Dr. Deb Skinstad
Coordinate Steve Pallas
Cultivate Erik Imler
Correlate Ashlea Hopkins

#ThinkTank2019 Day


March 24th

Collaborate JP Nerbun
Compete TJ Buchanan
Compute Jane Nelsen
Coordinate Dr. Lindsey Blom
Cultivate Russell Earnshaw
Correlate Dave Wright
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#ThinkTank2019 Day


March 25th

Collaborate Richard Shorter
Compete Ian Barker
Compute Kevin Kirk
Coordinate Adam Manning
Cultivate Dr. Wendy LeBolt
Correlate Chris Panayiotou
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March 26th

Collaborate Dr. Sam Elliott
Compete Stacie Mahoe
Compute Dr. Mara Smith
Coordinate Jeremy Goldberg
Cultivate Izzy Gessel
Correlate Dr. Tommy John
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#ThinkTank2019 Day


March 27th

Collaborate Sergio Lara
Compete Sam Snow
Compute Juan Mendia
Coordinate Mike Hoyer
Cultivate Coach Reed Maltbie
Correlate Angel Planells
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#ThinkTank2019 Day


March 28th

Collaborate Seth Taylor
Compete Craig Gunn
Compute Dr. Dan Abrahams
Coordinate Eric McAleer
Cultivate Dr. David Carr
Correlate Dr. Richard Bailey
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#ThinkTank2019 Day


March 29th

Collaborate Wayne Goldsmith
Compete John Kessel
Compute Jenn Starkey
Coordinate Ruth Nicholson
Cultivate Stu Armstrong
Correlate Ian Braid

Steve Gennaro

Coach Reed and Ruth Nicholson


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